Monday June 17 2019
Tajikistan Remittances at 3638.00 USD Thousand

Remittances in Tajikistan increased to 3638 USD Thousand in the fourth quarter of 2014 from 2907.30 USD Thousand in the third quarter of 2014.

Sunday June 16 2019
Tajikistan - Credit Rating at 15.00

Standard & Poor's credit rating for Tajikistan stands at B- with stable outlook. Moody's credit rating for Tajikistan was last set at B3 with negative outlook.

Saturday June 15 2019
Tajikistan Unemployed Persons at 51.00 Thousand

The number of unemployed persons in Tajikistan increased to 51 Thousand in March of 2019 from 48.50 Thousand in February of 2019.

Saturday June 15 2019
Tajikistan Average Monthly Wages at 1364.70 TJS/Month

Wages in Tajikistan increased to 1364.70 TJS/Month in March from 1287 TJS/Month in February of 2019.

Friday June 14 2019
Tajikistan Crude Oil Production at 0.18 BBL/D/1K

Crude Oil Production in Tajikistan remained unchanged at 0.18 BBL/D/1K in February from 0.18 BBL/D/1K in January of 2019.

Tuesday June 11 2019
Tajikistan Government Budget Value at -454.80 TJS Million

Tajikistan recorded a government budget deficit of 454.80 TJS Million in September of 2018.

Tuesday June 11 2019
Tajikistan Fiscal Expenditure at 5834.90 TJS Million

Fiscal Expenditure in Tajikistan increased to 5834.90 TJS Million in April from 4023.90 TJS Million in March of 2018.

Thursday June 06 2019
Tajikistan Interest Rate at 13.25 percent

The benchmark interest rate in Tajikistan was last recorded at 13.25 percent.

Wednesday June 05 2019
Tajikistan Food Inflation at 11.40 percent

Cost of food in Tajikistan increased 11.40 percent in April of 2019 over the same month in the previous year.

Wednesday June 05 2019
Tajikistan Inflation Rate MoM at 1.00 percent

The Consumer Price Index in Tajikistan increased 1 percent in April of 2019 over the previous month.